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There's a time when the truth is the truth and it needs to be said even at risk of being called crazy, alienated, or silenced.

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The world is collapsing before our eyes and it’s becoming real fuckin apparent. We aren’t doomed but if we remain in the shadow of ignorance we might as well be. Not enough people are speaking out so I’m just gonna go right out and say what needs to be said.

1. #Israel is fucking evil and I’m not antiemetic. This country is committing a shit ton of human rights violations, and though no one is allowed to say it without getting attacked. Israel is exterminating the Palestinians and stealing their land! Not to mention all of their own people they persecute for speaking out against the state’s #tyranny! Fuck nationalism, fuck being a U.S. Ally at some point morality has to overtake patriotism.

2. The #banks are destroying the economies of all major governments! Stop getting loans, it’s all a scam… When someone is allowed to loan out money that doesn’t exist & they don’t own, yet are allowed to collect the full sum plus interest it’s fucking criminal! It destroys the #economy quite simply because negative numbers aren’t real! I have news for you, if your country is in billions/trillions of debt your country has no money and that negative figure is a measurement of how much the banks own your political structure.

3. #Climate change is a fucking sham and it’s scientifically provable! Their are a lot of religious crazies out their preaching about the lie of climate change which gives the movement a terrible stigma but if you look at the #science the primary factor affecting earth temperatures is sun activity, the earth was actually hotter during a period in the medieval era, yet no one considers that while measuring global temperatures. Carbon dioxide isn’t killing the planet, but all the plastics production, #radiation, and #deforestation is! It’s not raising temperatures, but it’s killing the organic nature of the planet that is our lifeblood. And the same people pushing the climate change agenda are the same ones polluting the environment with all of these artificial toxins! Free energy exists, it has been a well known fact since tesla came around and it’s being suppressed since because energy is one of the primary commodities used in our system of control!

4. The #war on terror is false war paraded as a movement for peace which has only left genocide in its wake! Even if Islamic extremists are killing people their death tally pales in comparison to the tally racked by governments trying to exterminate them, especially in terms of civilian casualties!

5. #Monsanto needs to fall because it is just as evil as the rest of the lot! Our food is being weaponized to sicken us and kill the environment! #GMO ’s can’t feed the world, they cost more money than conventional farming, their genetic code gets into the environment and degrades the surrounding ecosystem, and there are many scientific studies not funded by the current agricultural industry that show they have very harmful effects on all species including humans that consume them!

6. Sorry to burst your bubble America, but pharmaceuticals are causing a shit storm more health problems than they solve! Overdose on prescribed pharmaceuticals is rising as a major cause of death, and often once you pick up one #medication your loaded with several more to counteract the side effects of the previous!

7. The #News IS NOT NEWS! It’s another entertainment “program” that collaborates with it’s “competitors” to feed you the same twisted perception of “current events” that is often times ludicrous incorrect and absent of crucial information.

8. Gun control is a tiny issue which is getting too much attention because everyone including the faces behind #globalization are afraid of someone with a gun! The deaths caused by mass shootings are minuscule in comparison to all the other sources of mortality in our country! And they are blackmailing you into it with emotional bias because it’s sad when a child gets shot. I got more news for you, your government has killed many more children in the war on terror than all gunmen in the U.S. combined over the same duration!

9. Your beloved electronics corporations, Google, Apple, and all your favorite fashion lines use child #slavery to make their products. There’s no hope of leaving for people caught in these industrial factories, the work conditions they are subjected too are unsanitary, unsafe, and often result in horrific accidents and death.

10. The war on drugs is sham on multiple fronts to create conflict and bloodshed in the communities local to the drug trade and to prevent you from mentally breaking free from the system. Don’t get me wrong their are tons of drugs that will destroy your life, heroin and meth being a few off the top of my head, but ruining your life isn’t a criminal offense, and their are many psychoactive substances they don’t want you partaking in because they change the way you process information within your neural network that opens you up to different levels of reality.

11. In addition to 10, this reality isn’t all there is! This life you are experiencing only exists within 4% of the radiation spectrum that comprises the universe. You are #consciousness and everything beyond that is an illusory holographic projected created from your own internal processing of information. You only process 147 bits of the 2 billion bits of information around you at any given time! Consciousness and self #awareness didn’t just arise out of a world of dead matter and inanimate existence. Matter comes from consciousness(you), and the entire world is you! You aren’t allowed to know this because it’s a dangerous thing when the people you are trying to own and control realize that they and everyone essentially are God, and life is one big dream in which we are all together creating one magnificent picture!

12. Fuck the Rothschilds, fuck all of the private banking #monopolies, fuck big oil and big pharma, fuck fake politicians, this world is a mess and all we need to do is realize the government isn’t rule of law, we are, and these peoples are criminals!

13. It’s time to stop solving our problems with violence! Violence only leads to further violence, it’s a vicious cycle of vindication that never ceases and damages both parties involved. It’s time to #Love, Love Now! Stop fearing each other, we are all the same at the core. We are all one family, and yes there are some crazies but what family doesn’t have its crazies. It’s time to swallow our pride and move forward from all of our past feuds and focus on the real problems threatening us right now!

There I’ve said it, all in one go, please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.

except, we can only become god in the same way Polytheistic gods does