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my Hashemsfilms retrospective and confessions

it’s been more than 10 years since Hashemsfilms’ The Antichrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter 1st semester first come out(I actually got into these videos in 2010 back when I’m bored of research material I got at the time for subject matter that My Mega-crossover project explores(as something that makes anything that sounds Sci-fi and/or Fantasy more authentic than ever) as well this documentary film also has lot the concepts that My Mega-crossover project uses. and it free of disinformation(less so if it not completely disinformation free). the makers of this video series also tells audience to research for themselves if anyone that watch these finds this poorly researched)

Too bad Abdullah Hashem himself now increasingly disowns at least some of his older works

and here’s my confession, when I tracks Abdullah Hashem online either from his new website I finds out that he fell victim to something he once fought against: Cults

and in 2015, I stops following Abdullah Hashem and his men. but don’t get me wrong, I still considers his old works(TADS videos, preferably first semester ones) holy grail of fringe studies: it allows me to solve the mystery of Bermuda Triangle as well explains many cryptids as ‘extinct’ animals that time travels to modern times through Ley Line vortex points and so on(though it expand my mind enough to make me think explaining everything paranormal and/or supernatural as Nanotech and AI is still too reductionist, unless when that Nanotechnology and/or Artificial intelligence in question are Hyperdimensional)

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